We can help you create your perfect board! You will be able to choose:

the width and shape of the board

the profile (camber and rocker lengths and angles)

timber species used for the core ( ash, bamboo, paulownia, aspen, poplar )

amounts and proportions of carbon and glass fibres

a unique piece of wood for an extraordinary look or designed graphics printed on topsheet

Regardless of your skill or experience levels, we can craft the perfect board for your needs. You could be thinking of marking your first powder turns, regularly dropping cliffs, or sticking to the piste – we’ll work with you to make something that is just right

We want to make products that allow you to show off your skills, as well as style. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some rad artists who can create unique designs for your newest toy.

Skier and snowboarder, talented graphic designer from Krakow. Known for book covers, mural designs and mountain-themed exhibitions

Tattoo artist and stuntman, passionate cyclist and martial artist. Approaching mid-life crisis age so picked up snowboarding
Instagram: @mammothtoo

Hi, I’m Maciek. My interests include well-being and immortality. I like everyone and everything; writing, music, pictures, making things and doing research. I also enjoy raving, copper and the smell of gasoline. I’m a member of 3 bands; “Little Ladybirds”, “Happy Pickles” and “Lively Pancakes”
Behance: mrufcyn
soundclud: biedroneczki

If an au naturel look is your style,we have a range of wooden veneer finishes to choose from.

PurePunk 185
Pure Wisdom split 159
Pure Slasher 159
PurePunk 185