Our obsession was born high up in the Polish mountains, where winter looks most enchanting and invites you to explore the wilderness hidden amongst the peaks. After years of joint adventures in the snow, we decided to merge our skiing and snowboarding knowledge and expertise to build the perfect boards and skis. At first for our own enjoyment, but with time for a larger circle of enthusiasts who understand the unparalleled performance of handcrafted kit. Our spirit and energy, technical knowledge, yearning for freedom and a pinch of rock’n’roll all came together in the perfect storm to create Pure Manufacture.

Each of our products is 100% unique and cutom-made to suit the preference, style and ambitions of the client.

We believe bespoke, handcrafted kit brings the most joy, both to the maker and the rider.
To us, the heart and soul of boards and skis lies in their wooden core. Choosing the right wood and geometry of the core determines the unique character of each piece of kit. Our cores are made from carefully selected full-length planks and thoughtfully pieced together to suit the requirements of each rider.

Why go with a small manufacture?

If you’re reading this you probably already know. The same reason you might choose slow food over fast food, a carpenter over flatpack furniture. You believe in quality and character and appreciate the small details of unique products.
The first step is contacting us, so that we can get to know you, your expectations and ideas. We offer a set of models tried and tested by us, but we also love to make custom skis and boards. Together we will design your perfect pair of skis or a board which reflects and compliments your character, style and ambitions.
Working around our base models, we will fine tune the shape, core materials, and the glass and carbon fibre ratios to make your favourite snow adventure companion. You can also choose a preferred wood veneer finish or surface graphics to hit the mountains in style.


predefined or customized
to individual preferences


mixed or single-species cores
for proper reactivity


selection of fabrics affects the longitudinal and transverse
stiffness and springiness


a unique piece of wood
for an extraordinary look


designed graphics
printed on topsheet

You can also choose from our predefined sets.

wooden core
Baker Barney
sidewall milling
flower power
base with edges