This day has finally come and you need special equipment for a special occasion.
The shape of this unusual rocket has been designed to make you enjoy even more in the fresh deep snow. The huge rocker and heavily marked camber, extended shape and dovetail provide incredible resistance and exceptional torsion even in the deepest snow. The Slasher with its short taile and large setback offers a long turn as well as the possibility of fast and tight turns ideal for looking for fresh snow. The multi-layer and multi-directional construction of the board guarantees armoured strength and perfect resilience, while the use of a combination of ash and pavilion with glass and carbon fibre ensures low weight and excellent handling properties. Hand-cut and applied veneer gives each board a unique, individual look and makes our Slasher the ideal equipment for all those who love oldschool and have real freedom in their veins.

PROFILE: Rocker – camber- rocker


Topsheet: 100% natural veneer or topsheet printed on foil

Core: lightweight ash / aspen core

Edge: durable steel CK60 Metaldeutsch 1,8 mm

Edge vibration absorption: rubber VDS

Sidewall: bamboo or ABS

Base: sintered ISOspeed ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

Ultra lightweight triaxial carbon fibres

Triaxial glass fibres

LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 149cm, 154 cm, 159cm, 164cm

Other lengths and profiles on request



LengthRadiusTip (mm)WaistTailTip rockerTail rockerEffective edgeWeight
PurePunk 185
Pure Wisdom split 159
Pure Slasher 159
PurePunk 185