Wisdom split

Something for fans of simplicity and class.
Every element of the Wisdom board was carefully and deliberately designed and made, to create a board that is flawless in quality and performance. The classic shape handles both on-piste and off-piste adventures with grace. The wide nose makes staying afloat in deep powder effortless, whilst  the double sided rocker and the camber allow for smooth turns in powder as well as on groomed slopes. The camber also helps with grip when using the Wisdom in split mode for climbing.
Our cores are carefully designed from a combination of ash and paulownia wood, coupled with carbon and glass fibres. This allows us to make a board that is remarkably stiff yet lightweight.  

PROFILE: Rocker – camber- rocker


Topsheet: 100% natural veneer or topsheet printed on foil

Core: lightweight ash / aspen core

Clips: Spark Crossbar

Edge: durable steel CK60 Metaldeutsch 1,8 mm

Edge vibration absorption: rubber VDS

Sidewall: bamboo or ABS

Base: sintered ISOspeed ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

Ultra lightweight triaxial carbon fibres

Triaxial glass fibres

LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 149cm, 154 cm, 159cm, 164cm

Other lengths and profiles on request


LengthRadiusTip (mm)WaistTailTip rockerTail rockerEffective edgeWeight
PurePunk 185
Pure Wisdom split 159
Pure Slasher 159
PurePunk 185